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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a good investment in your pet’s health. There are many insurance companies and plans, so it is important do your homework. The best source of information is your veterinarian. We promote health insurance at our veterinary practice, because pets that are insured tend to be better-taken care of. Pet owners are more likely to keep up with wellness programs, routine physical exams, bloodwork, and treatment plans.

Pet insurance is similar to human dental health insurance in the fact that it is a reimbursement plan. An insured patient pays for services, then submits a claim to the insurance company who then reimburses them a percentage of the bill. There are many pet insurance companies and it is up to the pet owner to research them and select the one that best fits their needs.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a health plan for a pet. Ideally, insurance is taken out on a young pet with no pre-existing conditions. I cannot tell you how many clients ask if they can get insurance when their pet is seriously ill. There is usually a waiting period for illnesses on most policies. An insurance company, for example, will not pay for an anterior cruciate ligament tear a week after a policy has been taken out. Deductibles vary depending on the plan. There are plans that cover wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, spays and neuters. These tend to be more expensive and it may make more economic sense to pay out of pocket for wellness issues and take out a policy that covers accidents or catastrophic illnesses like cancer. This prevents financial euthanasia. There have been many cases of pets having treatable but expensive to treat illnesses that end up being euthanized because the owners can’t afford to treat.

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