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No Minimum Order required! Free shipping on all orders regardless of order size.

NO Set Ordering Day! Order any day of the week by 10 a.m. and your product will arrive in most cases, 48 hours Monday - Friday

Convenient Ordering and Invoicing Available Through Your Favorite Distributor Partner

Carrying Purina as your #1 Diet Line Lowers your Inventory! Purina has 76 SKU’s through having multiple indications for all diets (vs. competition has 140+ SKU’s). You will carry 2x’s less inventory with Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets as your primary diet.

Home Delivery thru ProPlan Vetdirect! Purina offers high value discount codes for your clients - DVM makes profit at full retail. Shipping is free on every order! Profit the same when sold in hospital.

High Value Staff Feeding Program – Purina for Professionals! All staff members can take advantage of 30% off the hospital price for therapeutic diets and 20% off the hospital price for Pro Plan. Plus, we’re now offering FortiFlora and treats at a professional discount! And, the diets ship right to your home within 3-4 business days!

All Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets are based on AAFCO Feeding Trial protocols! All Pro Plan Veterinary Diets go through AAFCO Feeding Tests which ensures the animals not only like the diet, but also digest the food well.

To ensure the highest quality of our ingredients, we use near-infrared technology (NIRs). NIRS takes a spectral scan of incoming materials and compares it to reference scans we keep on hand in our ingredient library. Purina’s adaptation of NIR technology has proven so successful we’ve shared it with other companies, including other pet food companies, knowing how much it benefits pets and their owners.

Maintenance Diets for Long Term Feeding! All Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets are approved for the maintenance of cats and dogs (no intermittent feeding diets) which is better for the pet and the client.

Price Competitive and Profitable! While Purina diets are less expensive on a pound-for-pound basis, you can still maximize your profits with an average 50% markup on SRP.

We are serious about Sustainability. Purina’s 5 Wet Manufacturing sites have decreased water usage by more than 23% from 2004-2012. We also have solar arrays at three manufacturing plants, including Denver, CO; Flagstaff, AZ; and Atlanta, GA. Purina’s Dunkirk, NY plant derives about 65% of its total electricity from renewable sources – mostly hydroelectric power from Niagra Falls.

Goal: By 2020, all Purina plants and offices achieve ZERO waste to landfill status

We’re 75% there already!

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